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Where can Hims and Thems buy lingerie for men?

Hopefully you’re convinced that lingerie is for everybody and every body. The question is, where can you buy it?

Okay, so by now we’ve hopefully convinced you of the main points:

  • Lingerie is for everybody and every body
  • Wearing lingerie is as much an act of self-love as it is self-expression
  • Lingerie will not change your biological sex, or your sexual identity

The final question is, “where can I buy it?”

I picked out a list of brands and sites where you can buy lingerie, and split it into three categories:

  • Brands than sell specifically men’s underwear (even if they’re a brand that also or primarily makes women’s lingerie)
  • Inclusive brands who generally market to women and don’t specifically make a men’s range, but do make a point of catering to other genders
  • Unisex lingerie brands (guess which is the smallest category, go on, guess)

I’ve listed them by name, given you a website and Instagram (where they have both) and added comments to help explain what they sell. They’re ordered alphabetically so as not to imply any favouritism (but it’s not hard to read between the lines and pick my faves out and if they’d like to send me samples to review for the blog I’m not going to complain). And finally, I’ve tried to keep it to lingerie rather than underwear, according to our working definition.

Men’s lingerie brands

I have included corsets in this list. Obviously, you can wear corsets as underwear or outerwear, but that’s true of a lot of lingerie now anyway.

Apollo Sexywear
A range of femme-inspired lingerie, underwear, hosiery and nightwear. Definitely more on the femme side than unisex or androgynous, and features lots of delicate lace in a refreshingly wide range of colours.

Like Lovehoney, Bondara is a general sexual pleasure store which sells its own range of men’s underwear and lingerie, in both their own and other brands (such as Svenjoyment, below). Some of it is on the slightly cheesy end (sexy male chef?) but there are some nice pieces too.

It’s described as underwear rather than lingerie, but there are bodysuits, lace thongs, mesh shorts and garter briefs that definitely fall under the lingerie category.

A classy if more conservative range, primarily thongs, briefs and shorts (plus nightwear); there’s nothing like corsets or suspender belts here.

C.U.M. (Creative Underwear for Men)
I know, that’s what I thought too. But actually they have some classically minimalist styles of briefs and boxers, mainly in black with mesh panels.

EXSL / Exterface
EXSL do a wide range of handmade pieces, from shorts and briefs through to bodysuits, bralettes, harnesses and skirts. There are some really imaginative pieces. True story: I originally forgot to add the website and Insta to this entry because I got so obsessed with the Black Bonbon Thong Bodysuit (see picture below) that I ordered it. Review to follow!

Fleur du Mal / Fleur Homme
A small but exquisite(ly expensive) luxury range of underwear and loungewear.

Homme Mystere
Lingerie with a more feminine appearance, but not explicitly aimed at crossdressers.

Lovehoney LHM Collection
Lovehoney’s lingerie for men, primarily thongs and shorts in a variety of styles.

Menagerie Intimates
Luxury, high-end lingerie, nightwear and swimwear. I see Menagerie and Moot as the twin pinnacles of the men’s lingerie market.

Moot Lingerie
Beautiful, hand-made, luxury lingerie accompanied by an excellent and thought-provoking blog that I urge you to check out. The pic below is of the beautiful Josephine bodysuit and one day, when I have saved up enough…

They call it ‘slutty intergalactic pilot gear’. I call it a series of bodysuits, all-in-ones and crop tops featuring mesh, straps and cut-outs, all available in Henry Ford’s favourite colour.

Orchid corsetry
Orchid offer both corsetry for men and feminising corsets, which work to achieve different end results. She offers a bespoke corsetry service and her corsets are generally works of pure art.

Pikante Underwear
Pikante is both a brand and an online underwear store selling other brands. The majority is just underwear but there are some more aesthetic pieces, such as harnesses.

Savage X Fenty
Rihanna’s lingerie brand features mainly staples in the men’s collection, but has periodically released harnesses and mesh styles. It’s probably the most inclusive lingerie brand on this page.

Secret Male
Secret Male is a brand that you can buy online at a number of places. They do a lot of lace pieces, from very skimpy thongs to full body (including arms and legs) bodysuits.

Svenjoyment is a more fetish, BDSM-based range. They don’t seem to have their own website or socials but can be found on many other sites, such as Lovehoney, Amazon, Kinky Angel, etc.
Svenjoyment at Amazon

The Pack
Of particular interest, The Pack Have their F*CKGENDER collection with ranges in lace, leather and chains which feature harnesses, lingerie bodysuits and garter briefs.

Feminine lingerie primarily aimed at the crossdresser market. Again, accompanied by an interesting (if sporadic of late) blog.

Inclusive women’s lingerie brands

These are the brands that don’t have specific men’s or unisex product lines, but do cater for all genders.

I was drawn to Bluebella’s minimalist, BDSM-inspired designs even before their Pride 2022 campaign featuring Brooke Lynn Heights and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo (below) blew my mind. Another true story: the one time I went out in drag, I had a matching Bluebella Karolina set (see pic below). The combination of mesh, straps and hardware is very gender-neutral and it wouldn’t take much for Bluebella to create a truly gender-neutral range – hint not very subtle hint, Bluebella!

Lovehoney have literally hundreds of lingerie items and from basques to waspies I have yet to find one that is described as ‘for women’ – it’s all described in gender-inclusive terms. Incredible marketing work.

Pip & Pantalaimon
A UK indie brand with a focus on vintage and retro styles – it’s even made on 1950s machinery – and social responsibility. There’s even a brilliant Men’s lingerie guide – when shopping for yourselves, with a lot of helpful sizing and fit information. I wish more brands did this!

Playful Promises
If Jake Dupree in Regalia Skylar doesn’t convince you, Sam and Jude in Olympia Storm Grey definitely will. All manner of inclusivity is found here, in twenty different brands.

Vollers Corsets
Vollers offer handmade corsets in a range of contemporary, classic and alternative styles, and they’re popular with celebrities. They don’t have a men’s range, but they do offer advice on the most popular ranges with men.

Unisex lingerie brands

As well as being a retailer, they do have their own brand items. There are some unisex items; they make a concerted effort to blur gender boundaries, such as making mesh bodysuits for men and using male models with stiletto boots; and have a lot of relevant blog posts (Exploring Gender Expression, Six Androgynous Dressers). Now, if they could have a unisex section alongside the men’s and women’s…

Cantiq LA
Another brand I am low key obsessed with. Expect a mixture of lacey, strappy, colourful, desirable and inclusive in equal measure in their gender-fluid collection – see pic below.

Carmen Liu Lingerie
Named after founder Carmen Liu and designed with the LGBTQIA+ community in mind, it features unisex underwear and lingerie, tucking underwear, and even a range for kids.

Fleur du Mal / Fleur Homme
The men’s section also features some unisex pieces – primarily lace and silk boxers. The boxers have matching bralettes and demi bras.

Leak (aka Leak Your Sex Tape)
They variously describe it as ‘gender-neutral corsetry, harnesses and bodysuits’ and ‘slutgear’. I will tell you this for nothing; it’s not for shrinking violets.

Wicked Mmm
Described as ‘lingerie for people of all genders’ with specific sections for Wicked Mx (‘intimates for the in between, gender queer and just don’t care’), Wicked Mr (‘people with packages, packers and/or flat chests’) and Wicked Ms. (bralettes and panties). Lots of lace!

Here is a plea, from my heart to you

I would love to keep adding to this list, especially brands that are smaller, more sustainable, more vegan, more LGBTQ+ friendly, and so on! If you know of any, or even better if you are one, please please please let me know in the comments!

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